Sunday, May 29, 2011

Worst blogger ever!

I know.. .I know. It goes without saying that I officially suck as a regular blogger. As most of you know, I can be a bit slow to respond to things. A blog a day? Who was I kidding? I have a hard enough time responding to voicemails, texts, and emails. Anywho.... people still say crazy shit on a regular basis, but for the life of me I can't recall a single thing in the past few days. Perhaps it's because my job is steadily depleting my emotional energy which makes all other interactions and experiences in my life seem pretty innocuous. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids and want to "save" them all, but vicarious trauma is no joke (here's some info for those of you who are unfamiliar with the term: "Burnout? Don't mind it I do!"). I'll try to do better remembering quotes. I'll keep a mini notepad with me (the kind that have Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus on it that you can get at Claire's) and write things down as they happen. This may be complicated on a moving train or in a bar, but I'll make those sacrifices for all of you... whoever "all of you" are. 

Oh wait! I just remembered something that happened a few weeks ago when Alli, Rishauna, and I were at the Goodwill.

After selecting some awesome, cheap finds, we walked up to the register to this scene:

Little Old Lady (L.O.L....haha): I want that globe in the window.
Cashier: I'm sorry ma'am there is no globe.
L.O.L.: I just saw it in the window 10 minutes ago.
Cashier: You may have, but I just sold one a few minutes ago. 
Meanwhile, the girl and her co-worker are humoring the woman by climbing in and out of the window display searching for the globe that apparently was already sold.
L.O.L.: Are you sure? It's gotta be there. I just saw it.
Other Cashier: Sorry, but she just sold it.
Yet another worker: There's no globe. It's gone.
L.O.L.: Well, shit.
Other Cashier: You can check in the window on your way out and if you see it, come back in and let us know. Can you please step to the side so she can help this lady (meaning me)?
Cashier: Hi. Will this be all?
Me (being a smart ass): No, actually I would like the globe in the window.

We all had a good laugh and Rishauna playfully reprimanded me for making fun of the L.O.L. I complimented the cashier on how well she handled the situation.

Lesson Learned: If you want the globe in the window, you better damn well ask for it the second you get in the store because someone else may take it out from under your nose.

This is not the Goodwill, but it is the one I regularly donate to.