Monday, June 13, 2011

Kids say the darndest things

I had the pleasure of doing 3 classroom workshops today... the second to last day of classes. Needless to say, kids are pretty fried by the end of the year. I can't remember which class it was (either the second or third), but I had a ridiculous encounter after spending 45 minutes talking about teen dating violence.

A girl approaches me (which is not uncommon) after a workshop and I'm thinking she wants to talk about abuse... silly me.
Student: Is it supposed to rain today?
Me: Um, I'm not a meteorologist... I'm a social worker.
Student: You're a social worker? You take people's kids away?
Me: No, I do this. There are different types of social workers. We work in schools, hospitals, and tons of other places. Not all social workers take kids away.
The student pauses, looking like she's actually thinking about what I've said...
Student: So do you think it's going to rain? Cuz I left my rain boots in my locker and my mother keeps asking me about them.
Me: (finally giving in) I think it may rain like later tonight, but not anytime soon.
Student: Well, do you think I should wear them?
Me: No, that would look crazy.
After going back and forth for another couple minutes, she decides to not bring them home. Really glad I could help with this "crisis." Don't worry folks all hope is not lost. Several other students shared powerful stories and had legitimate questions about how to help friends get out of abusive relationships. Sometimes you need nonsense like this to help balance out the heavy stuff.

Lesson Learned: A good social worker doesn't take kids away AND can give weather forecasts.

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It's called "Smiling Hispanic Weather Girl Discussing Weather Patterns"... They should really try to be more specific.

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  1. so proud of our it totally rained!