Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The MTA likes to make my day that much longer...

I knew something was wrong when I got to the subway platform for the C/E train and there was an A train just sitting there...

Date: Tuesday, September 21st at about 4:25 PM
Location: Sitting on the A train between the 23rd and 34th St Stations

Train Conductor: "I apologize for the delay. All A/C/B/D trains will be running local to 125th St due to an investigation at 103rd St. I repeat, all trains are in a conga line since they are all running on the local track. We will be moving shortly."

Conga line? Really? Is that the technical term they use at the MTA? Thankfully, the train I was on went express and I got home sooner than I expected. My commute should only take like 35 minutes max... it took an hour. The best part? I checked out the 103rd St station as we passed by and there was nothing going on.

Lesson Learned: Don't believe anything that's announced over the PA on the subway. No one knows what they're talking about.- AND- always bring some form of entertainment (e.g. iPod, book, etc); it will keep you sane.

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