Thursday, September 23, 2010

You would think last night was Friday...

Nothing like wine tasting on a Wednesday to shake things up a bit... add your co-workers and boss, and you have a recipe for an exciting night (or a drunken mess). So many hilarious things were said, but thanks to all the wine that was consumed, I can hardly remember any of it...

Date & Time: Wednesday, September 22nd from 5:30 PM-???
Location: Hudson Terrace 

Liz (at my dancing) No, you have to dance so that just your ass moves.

Girl who works there with a clipboard and a really short skirt (said to Rishauna): Um, those tables are reserved for a private event. Maybe you can sit there until they come. You can ask one of the two Mexican guys running around, cuz I don't really know.
** Really?**

The following are not quotes, but other highlights of the night:
- Connie (my boss) talking to one of the Mexican guys trying to get us a table (she's Mexican so she thought that might help our situation... it did not).
- Everyone giving us their extra drink tickets... we had plenty of our own, yet random people would walk up to us and just hand us tickets. I mean, did we look like we needed it?
- Viv stealing the cheese plate from the JetBlue jerks and then offering it to people not in the cabana section
- Rishauna doing the splits... twice.
- Parmesan truffle french fries (yum!)
- Watching lightening through a glass roof.

Lesson Learned: Six drink tickets really are enough.

This is probably a good representation of the amount of wine all 6 of consumed last night.

Then on my way home today:

Date & Time: Thursday, September 23rd at about 5
Location: Uptown C train

Guy on train (said to standing lady):  Do you want to sit?
(I was not looking at him and then I saw that he had a chair with him)
Standing Lady: Haha, no thanks.
Guy: Well, I just thought I'd offer since it's here and there's no where else to sit.

Lesson Learned: Bring my own seating on the train if I want to make friends.

This is not the man or the chair, but apparently this happens more often than I thought.

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